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Our Approach

A major purpose of TNI BioTech's immunotherapy is to increase the production, and/or activation, of the immune system by increasing production of DC cells, Macrophages, CD4+T Cells (CD4), CD8+T cells, NK cells, NK-T cells and gamma/delta T cells and inhibiting Treg cells, to allow the body to recognize cancer cells as foreign invaders and thereby remove these cancer cells.

Treatment by MENK has been demonstrated to be effective against various types of cancer while avoiding certain deleterious effects on the body, as is often the case with traditional chemotherapy. The costs are reasonable, making this an attractive complement or alternative for a large number of cancer patients.
The adaptive T cell immunity of the immune system consists of three different arms:

Helper T Cells (Th1/Th2) (CD4+), cytotoxic T Cells (CTL)(CD8+) and CD4+CD25+T cells (Tregs).

Th1 cells interact with certain dendritic cells or macrophages to be stimulated by foreign substances (antigens) to react specifically to those antigens and then both interact directly with CD8+ T cells and also by secreting cytokines such as IFN
gamma (IFN-γ), IL-2 (IL-2) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF), resulting in CTLs with specific ability to kill either cancer cells or infected cells.Th2 cells also interact with another subpopulation of dendritic cells and macrophages to become immunized against specific antigens and then help B cells produce specific antibodies. Treg cells balance immunity by negative feedback regulation, to prevent overly aggressive T cell responses.

Our research results indicate that MENK at suitable doses boost the immune system through:

1. Increasing proliferation and functional activities of CD4+T cells and CD8+T cells, which will play a role in anti-virus and anti-tumor activities.

2. Increasing maturation and differentiation of dendritic cells and macrophages, so that they will interact selectively with Th1 cells and induce specif immunity to foreign antigens.

3. Increasing secretion of cytokines such as IL-2, TNF, IL-12 and IFN-γ, which will amplify the Th1 and CTL cell responses, enhancing the development of CTLs..

4. Increasing activity of NK cells, which will kill cancer cells, virus-infected cells, and some parasites.

Based on these findings we have developed new therapies. Our therapies are especially important when the patient's immune system is compromised due to either advanced diseases such as cancer or to the conventional treatment.